Our Pregnancy Care

The Joy of a New Baby

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet you at your first appointment here at our rooms at Sunnybank Private Hospital. Our practice is a friendly space, with your comfort and wellbeing being our priority. Over the course of your pregnancy you will get to know Dr Elgey and his team very well. We are here to ensure that you receive exceptional antenatal care, both medically and administratively.

What to Expect at Each Appointment

Having a baby privately is a premium service. Each visit is scheduled with your one and only obstetrician. Our OBGYN clinic is run by Dr Stephen Elgey who is a leading scholar in his field for over fifteen years. 

At each appointment your rapport with grow between you and Stephen. You’re never just a number! We are focused on personalised and dedicated pregnancy care tailored specifically to you. This covers everything from adopting and incorporating your birth plan, to who you chose to attend each appointment with (some patients will bring their doula). 

Having the opportunity to see your baby grow can be really important, and that’s why Dr Stephen Elgey offers bedside ultrasound scanning at each visit.

Most pelvic ultrasounds can be performed from 8 weeks of pregnancy. This is normally where we book you in for your very first obstetric consultation. Our mums and dads-to-be enjoy seeing their baby at each visit, and we do too! Click on the link below to learn more about ultrasound scans in pregnancy. 

Our Philosophy

Your birth, your way. A simple yet powerful philosophy. As a front desk team of women and mothers we are we have met with and discussed so many incredible birth plans and birthing stories. Along with Dr Elgey, our team strive to ensure your needs are met at each appointment. 

As a private patient you have the luxury of seeing the same caring team at each appointment – including your obstetrician. This reassurance really helps with you to have a positive and personalised journey. 

Your Own Private Room and Free Parking

Sunnybank Private Hospital does things a little differently and our patients love it. We pride our hospital in it’s boutique feel. A quiet hospital away from the main road with no emergency department means fewer disruptions during your stay. You are guaranteed your own private room during your stay in maternity with courtyard views. You may even get lucky and get one of our two rooms with a private patio! 

Sunnybank provides free parking to all inpatients, visitors and outpatient appointments. Meaning you’ll never need to factor in parking fees throughout the course of your pregnancy.

So what are you waiting for!? If you are pregnant and are wanting an engaging, holistic obstetric team focused on you, call our rooms and book in with us today! 

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