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There when it matters

One of the reasons why many women choose to have their own private obstetrician throughout their pregnancy and at delivery. We believe this is important to our philosophy of “Your Birth, Your Way’. Group care models, where you might see a different doctor each time you visit or present to the hospital just don’t provide the continuity most women look for.

We believe in being there for you as much as humanly possible.

Weekends & On-call Availability

We work with a small, select group of 2 to 3 experienced obstetricians to give you greater peace of mind. Larger group practices may operate with 8 or more doctors in their on-call roster, leaving you to someone else more often than not.

Where at all possible, Dr Stephen Elgey will try to deliver your baby even if not on-call. Weekends are precious, and we hope you understand that sometimes he can’t attend as we too need to take some time to be with our families.

Our Availability During The Week

At Sunnybank Obstetrics and Gynaecology, we believe that your doctor should be available to you as much as possible. This is why Dr Stephen Elgey chooses to only operate and conduct deliveries at one hospital.

As we all know, babies can come unannounced, and by deciding to restrict the number of facilities where we provide services ensures availability to you as much as we can. Some obstetricians choose to provide services at more than one facility, but this means they may be forced to choose between your delivery and someone elses.

Many an obstetrician has missed a delivery simply because they have decided to deliver and work in as many locations as possible in order to make as much as they can. We choose to put you first, as we believe in ‘Your birth, Your Way’.

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