Why I Chose To Have A Hysterectomy

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Dear Uterus,

Thank you for the last 38 years of service, but it is now time for us to part ways. Whilst I am incredibly grateful of my precious children you supported for nine months, I just no longer can tolerate the pain of the Adenomyosis. I don’t know why it chose me, but it has overstayed it’s welcome and I cannot take the pain any longer. I understand this means I am sacrificing the reproductive system that makes me, me – but I am throwing in the towel and I don’t feel weak about it. I cannot handle another month of agony. I can’t tell you how sick I am of the heavy bleeding. Knowing another week of this pain has arrived as seemingly fast as the last week departed makes me so miserable. I am so over being doubled over in pain and soaking through my pants. These are just some of the reasons why I chosen to have a hysterectomy.

Before we say our final goodbye, I want to thank you. Thank you for providing a safe house for my son and daughter to grow and thrive for nine months. Thank you for protecting them and ensuring their safe arrival. Thank you for allowing me this precious gift of becoming a mother.

Mum tried to warn me this was a life changing decision and by no means was this an easy decision for me to make. But really, what is left for you to do? You’ve blessed me with two beautiful children and for that I am grateful.

Sure, I accept I will be leaving the operating room a little emptier than I enter, but am I less a woman? Not in the slightest. For the pain I have endured in the last three years I see myself as A Survivor. A Warrior. A Role Model.

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