Why You Should Try Having Sex on Your Period (at least once)

sex on your period

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Why You Should Try Having Sex on Your Period (at least once)


Perhaps I should start with a disclaimer – I totally accept that the art of having sex on your period isn’t for everyone. Especially those faint-hearted at even the smallest sight of blood. Or perhaps the thought of intercourse during your period just sounds really gross to your partner or to yourself. I get it – it’s a confronting and messy thought. But what if I were to tell you that having sex on your period can actually be beneficial for your menstrual cramping?

For me, having sex on my period is something I first ticked off my list as a teenager who rarely had an opportunity for alone time with my boyfriend. We discussed how we felt about having sex while I was on my period and we were both happy to try it. Since my teenage years I have had three partners who were all happy to do the same.

Gross. Isn’t it Unhygienic?

No. Menstrual blood when in-utero is uncontaminated. However, it is strongly advised to skip the prelude and go straight to the main show – definitely do not use oral or digital stimulation. Menstrual blood will act as a natural lubricant. If your partner feels a little uneasy without a barrier, use a condom.

Isn’t it Messy?

That all depends on how much you bleed during your period. This is going to be different for every woman and comes down to the level of progesterone in your body. Most women will lose 30 – 70ml of blood across the entirety of their period. In my experiences, I have been able to avoid a bloody massacre with only minimal residue on my partner. Place a towel beneath you to protect the sheets!

How Does Sex Relieve Period Pain and Cramping?

So this comes in two forms. You may be familiar with the brain releasing neurotransmitters when we are excited, happy or in pleasure. Dopamine and Serotonin are two examples of endorphins that are released when we are loved up. As we reached an induced-state of pleasure, the body’s response to the pain is far too focused on the rush of endorphins. Put it this way, if you’ve got there you won’t remember your period pain for awhile.

The second form is by physical movement. The more active we remain during our period, we support a healthy way of controlling menstrual cramps. Vaginal penetration can be an effective form of pain relief due to the pressure in the vagina. Following from this, the heightened state of arousal will release a blood flow to the genitals and engorge blood vessels, taking away the contractual feeling we get when we have period cramps.

And Finally

Having sex on your period with a consenting partner is actually a beautiful way to bond with one another. From my experience I have appreciated an additional level of intimacy in my relationships that allowed me to feel more confident in expressing myself to my partner by breaking down taboos reflected in culture.

Thank you to our author for submitting this article. Published without name for privacy.

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