Our Pregnancy Care

The joy of a new baby

Our practice is a friendly space, with your comfort and wellbeing being our priority. Over the course of your pregnancy you will get to know Dr Elgey and his team very well. We are here to ensure that you receive exceptional antenatal care, both medically and administratively.

Bedside Ultrasound Scans

Having the opportunity to see your baby grow can be really important, and that’s why Dr Stephen Elgey offers bedside ultrasound scanning at each visit.

Most pelvic ultrasounds can be performed from 8 weeks of pregnancy. Our mums and dads-to-be enjoy seeing their baby at each visit, and we do too!

Our Philosophy

Our logo represents the tree of life, and encompasses our philosophy of providing holistic and compassionate care to women throughout all stages of their life. As your life changes your needs for care also change. Our team believe that sometimes less is more. That you get a more positive and personalised experience by not being one of the many people being seen by multiple doctors. When you see us you are the only person we are seeing!

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