These 5 Tips Will Help Decide Your Obstetrician

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Congrats you’re pregnant! So, which hospital are you going to deliver at? More importantly, who is going to deliver your baby? Choosing your obstetrician is as overwhelming as the Bachelorette deciding who gets her final rose. So how do you decide your final suitor? Here are our top 5 tips when considering your obstetrician.

Ask Your Friends:

Kicking off with this one as this tends to be the reason most couples decide their obstetrician. Friends with kids are will give you their most honest answers. Ask them to walk you through their pregnancy care and birth. Were they able to have those rare moments they hoped for? Consider what you desire your journey to be and see if this aligns with the obstetric care your friends have suggested. Remember, we all have differing wants and needs.

My Birth, My Way:

If there is any better reason to select your obstetrician other than by their birth-suite care, I’d love to know it. While all obstetricians are experienced with routine birthing methods, it’s not uncommon for an OBGYN to prefer one birthing method over others. Having a honest and evident line of questioning will help both parties to know what plans are desired when in labour. Questions to ask your candidates may include ‘Do you allow a water birth?’, ‘can you perform a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean section)?‘, and ‘will you allow my (doula / birth photographer / best friend) in the birth suite with me?

Attitude and Philosophy:

This comes easily off the back of our last key point. A patient-OBGYN rapport is an intimate one. Think about it; you’re in this together for a good 7 1/2 months. The right person will know how to provide the right emotional and physical support, and respect that your obstetric journey belongs to you.

Patient Care Team:

A call to the clinic is worthwhile to get to know the reception staff. It is equally important to feel comfortable with the whole team. Great care will be demonstrated across a team that show invested interest and empathy throughout your journey. An exceptional team will accommodate for your needs and make your pregnancy and appointments more enjoyable.  

Online Engagement:

Online presence is a smart engagement for all industries. A clinic with a strong online interaction can demonstrate how active the team are with their patients and the community. It’s also a good indicator that the team are up-to-date with pregnancy trends, news and relevant information (like how to style a baby bump!)

At the end of it all, this is your obstetric journey. Make sure to tailor it for you. Your birth, your way.

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