Happy Mother’s Day 2021

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For Mother’s Day 2021 we asked a handful of primary school aged children ‘why is your mum the coolest?’. Their responses are candidly honest and made us smile!

So to all the mums, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and dad’s doing double duty, we wish you a beautiful day with your loved ones. Happy Mother’s Day 2021 x

Why is your mum the coolest?

Isla O, 11yrs – Because she is an amazing singer

Ryder C, 9yrs – Because she is a really good at drawing

Harper D, 8yrs- Because she plays Fortnite with me

Oliver N, 5yrs- Because she buys me toys

Elizabeth T, 12yrs – Because she is smart and funny and supportive

Jack O, 4yrs- Because she married my dad

Millie P, 5yrs – Because she looks like a princess

Sasha C, 10yrs – Because she is a really good dance teacher and teaches me and my friends how to dance

Tayon R, 8yrs – Because she buys me KFC for dinner

Matthew M, 11yrs – Because she let’s me stay up late on the weekends and school holidays

Evie S, 6yrs – Because she makes me yummy cupcakes

Jayden D, 10yrs – Because she let’s me choose the music in the car

Ava D, 11yrs – Because she watches LazarBeam with us

Mason 8yrs – Because she is a really fast runner

Shiloh C, 7yrs – Because she has pretty clothes

Thanks for sharing kids! You all have a cool mum because she has you in her life x

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