Swiping Right Landed Me An STD

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Swiping Right Landed Me An STD

“You’ve tested positive for Chlamydia” said the doctor.
I’ve never felt so unclean in all my 23 years of life. 


I presented to my GP after a week of burning and stinging associated with peeing. The pain on urination had become intolerable. My guess was it being the start of a UTI or thrush and perhaps I could catch it in time before it became too nasty. I booked myself an appointment for a prescription, but by the time of my appointment I had started getting a yellowish discharge with a really offensive smell. “Are you sexually active?” my GP asked. (“No shit”) I thought to myself. I’m 23 years of age living in a generation whereby hooking up has never been so accessible. “Have you been using condoms?” “No, I’m on the pill” I replied. It was then that she explained to me the difference between what the pill provides and protects us from – and STDs wasn’t one of them.


Ironically, I haven’t been sexually active for long enough to qualify for a pap-smear, but I am sexually rampant enough to catch an STD. Given my symptoms, my GP thought it was best to test my mid-stream urine, as well as an endocervical swab.

The following 48 hours after testing dragged. Once confirmed and reality had sunk in I tried to retrace my one-night flings as well as commence the course of anti-biotics prescribed.

“You’ve tested positive for Chlamydia” said the doctor.
I’ve never felt so unclean in all my 23 years of life


…”Are you sure that’s my chart? I’m pretty sure its just a UTI, plus I’m only 23″


Age was irrelevant. However, after a stern talking to, my GP emphasised the increase of Chlamydia in those under the age of 25 due to lack of understanding, multiple partners and improper contraception use.

I left the doctors office with:

2 x tablets STAT.
A stern talking to from my GP
Four embarrassing conversations
And a whole world of shame.

That was six weeks ago now. A lesson learnt and knowledged gained. One thing however, has remained. I am no less of a woman for exploring my sexuality and who I want to be with. If anything, I can go into a relationship with far more knowledge about safe sex, looking out for my body and the body of those I choose to be with.

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