Iron Infusion and B12 injections

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Iron Deficieny Anaemia and the Importance of B12.

Has 2020 got you feeling depleted? Perhaps it’s time to have some routine blood tests performed to see what’s going on inside your body.
Iron and Vitamin B12 are two of the most important vitamins needed for women, both during menstruation and pregnancy. If you suffer from heavy and prolonged periods (menorrhagia) you are at a greater risk of being iron deficient and anaemic. Diet restriction, such as vegetarianism and veganism also make it tricky to supplement adequate levels of vitamin B12 and iron, as these nutrients are high in meat products.
We offer IV Iron Infusions in our rooms, as well as B12 shots. Both procedures are simple and incredibly effective.
Ask your GP for a blood test to check your vitamin B group, iron stores and haemoglobin. If your results return on the lower end of normal, ask your GP to refer you to us to have the procedure performed.

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